Election Violence

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photos courtesy of James Akena



2 thoughts on “Election Violence

  1. Please post more pictures for us especially those of the elections for the primaries. The demonstrate more of how far off the correctline we have gone

    Posted by Buuza abaliawo | November 3, 2010, 7:20 am
  2. I would like to inform my fellow Ugandans that when it comes to time of election,we have always heard issues of violence,people disappearing and other sort of things.This is our nation,a nation that got tired of violence ever since the 1985 bush war.We all know that it is impossible for an individual to challenge those in power to do what you want,but again even if the situation is not good,nothing calls for the flogging of the citezins,bringing armoured vehicles on the streets of Kampala etc.
    Now i continue to ask my self,what kind of freedom is this that the current political leaders are ever now and then talking about,if the citizen`s freedom of expression is ever suppressed,the journalists coming out with true stories being questioned and taken to court and firing of tear gas into the masses etc
    It leaves me questioning why such times become targets for this kind of actions,but i continue to request the people of Uganda to avoid actions that will trigger the rough reactions of those in power.Lets arrange for peaceful elections and serve an example to other nations.

    Posted by Fredrick luboyera | November 30, 2010, 9:00 am

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