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  1. Congrats !!!! I really want to read but have no access yet !!!!

    Posted by Martha Byanyima | October 16, 2010, 1:54 pm
  2. C`ant wait to read it!!! Hope soon!

    Posted by Rose | October 17, 2010, 2:35 pm
  3. Well done dear author, you have done a good job which some coward academicians like Prof Nsibambi, Bukenya are fearing to do. I look forward to reviewing your book. Museven’s dictatorship should be made known to the current and future generations. Dr Kasaato Rashid; London.

    Posted by Dr Kasaato Rashid | October 18, 2010, 12:08 am
  4. Dear Olive. Great staff and i specially congratulate you for the courage. As a colleague and especially knowing your style, i am not surprised but can only salute you. Now i know whast you have been doing ever since you left WHO

    Posted by Dr William Mbabazi | October 18, 2010, 8:57 am
  5. Dr. Olive,
    You have done a great job. Those who think that they can strifle the flow of knowledge or ideas in this digital info era are dreaming. The actions by Gov’t to interfere with the distribution of the book are providing more publicity and curiosity for it.

    I am eagerly awaiting my delievery from Amazon and some copies are on the way to friends in Ug. I hope the Postal officials don’t confiscate them.

    Posted by Yusuf Loubega | October 18, 2010, 2:54 pm
  6. I friend wrote this on facebook “I think Dr. Olive Kobusingye does not understand what Uganda is all about and greatly contradicts herself in the so called,”CORRECT LINE”.

    He introduction to the book greatly explains the development the NRM government has brought to this great nation….from the fear of the Army, grippling economy, fear of rape and so on……….I don’t think Col(Rtd)Dr. Warren Smith Kizza Besigye is able to deliver what he she says Uganda should have.

    Col(Rtd)Warren Smith was part of the whole NRM and strayed the country upto 2001.I don’t think It took him that long to realise the rot in NRM”


    1 “That woman is just stupid. She loves the fruits, and yet hates the tree.”

    2″ Sank you………wants the juice but does not want so squeeze”

    3″Again, very stupid woman. I only wish government hadnt banned this waste of a book. Its nothing but rumours and general chit chat the public always engage in, from the taxi park to Makerere university. It has turned this shit into a best seller.”

    4 “Ya that is all it did….guess we should right one and sell, where did museveni go wrong…..and we get mugisha muntu’s wife to import it
    We will; reep big”

    5″Befuula befula,abanyankole befula!!!!!wat about”

    So what should i believe?

    Posted by Gilbert | October 19, 2010, 11:24 am
    • Gilbert, you ask-So what should i believe?
      I can’t say what you should or should not believe, because that depends on your intellect.
      Waht I can say is that-Ironically, I am remined of the “Animal Farm” when I read the following:-

      Chapter 4: All Ugandans Are in the Movement
      I had a problem with the idea that everybody was in the Movement, but someone could cross to the Movement. Then where were they before? If you determine that everything that exists – all matter – is in the universe, then how can anybody be outside the Universe? If you have now come into the Universe, where were you before?- by Olive Kobusingye.

      Posted by sam | October 19, 2010, 7:39 pm
  7. Dear Olive,
    I just want to thank you. I live in UK. Indeed many are fed on lies about Uganda. I just want to complete reading it first.
    I knew the late Mayombo(RIP) very well, Late Ondoga,Fred Rwigyema etc ,and threfore M7. It is a pitty our people are so naive and gullible.We have been in it ,but because we refused to lose our senses and love for our country we now find ourseves in SELF-IMPOSED EXILE! Better poor but with a happy soul. But we left our comfort zones. I know one of my offences were that I welcomed Dr KB in my office in 2009, while still a district chairman to the disappointment of the NRM nobility,because it was a crime. But I went through hell for the five yours I served as District chairman for trying to do things outside the box but within the law.

    who ever doubts your honesty let’s just pray for them.Their day will come. No soldier loved
    and trusted M7 like Major Sabiiti Mutengesa,Lt co. Nuwagaba Kasure and others,we trained together inNRA, we were deployed together at the sme time, I was late Fred Rwigyemas ADC ,with all the Patriotic zeal, singing the revoltion,we loved afande Kiiza Besigye,Misambi(RIP),Kajabago,Mushega,Seruwanga,Ondoga(RIP) for clear headedness and patriotism where are they? I still reel with shock about afande Kaihura.We trusted and loved him so so much. He is even the one who recruited 14 of us from the University.Taught us the correct line.At the time corruption hit my district so hard . He gave me his back and left me for destruction esdpite several appeals. I had commented on the quality of UPE,uncalled ofr secrecy on oil deals and didn’t agree with the land bil provisions,ringfencing etc. I believe because I had left the correctline.I don’t want to accuse him but he should just know he made us misplace our trust! I suffered at hte hands of the Dpp and co. who tried to frame me,and near terrorism over rebels in the National Park Masindi only that I knew how to jump the traps. May be the correct line No.2 will tell it all.Dr Kob has even been fair for she leaves too much dirt unattended in her narrative.
    Let the people know this is just introduction, more damning books are yet to come and we wont allow them to be withheld at Entebbe.
    How can one go in self-imposed exile ?
    If Margret reads this let our send me her e-mail.

    Posted by Steven-chairman RA 2001,Masindi | October 24, 2010, 12:20 am
  8. The NRM regime still lives in the era of Stalin. In todays information age how can you successfully block a book from being read, thanks NRM you have done good publicity for this book to your detriment. In my study of history I have come across many nations that have commited mistakes and ended up paying the price and this is where Uganda is today. We have sold our conscience we have stopped thinking about our posterity we are now living for today only that is why the biggest giver of jobs and bounty in Uganda today is M7 . A society cannot be ruled like this and survive for long, all nations that developed did so because they built strong institutions not because they had strong leaders. Even if KB was to become president tomorrow if the Ugandan mentality remains as it is he will not hesitate to abuse the power himself. There has to be a critical mass of people who are selfless who see the truth and say it who refuse to change their opinion because they have been promised a job. We are still far from this and I believe things will have to get far worse before they get better in Uganda. Many elite are in the NRM not by conviction but because they believe that is the only way they can earn a living,what a despicable lot. The good thing is that when the time for great suffering comes you will not be spared. You all remember how the likes of late Mayombo, Pulkol, Tumukunde, Matembe etc called KB names in 2001, how free are they now. Remember the story of the holocaust, they came for the Jews and we cheered, they came for the poles and we celebrated , they came for the gypsies and we cheered and when they came for us no one was left to even witness. If there is one group I despise in this world it is a person who was paid 5 million shillings to change the constitution and remove term limits, may he be sent to the hottest corner of hell.

    Posted by Dr Edward | October 24, 2010, 2:40 am

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