Kampala Dispatch’s Timothy Kalyegira

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One thought on “Kampala Dispatch’s Timothy Kalyegira

  1. As a researcher, could you pen something; hypothetical, on the following items if it doesn’t bother you. Interested in picking your brain on a detailed causative factors and likely consequences.
    1. A military coup; or its attempt, in Uganda within the next 8 months
    2. An assassination of the Head of state
    3. A spring uprising ‘Arab style’
    4. A probable repeat of Kenya’s previous Post election violence in the coming presidential elections
    5. A Trump Impeachment
    6. A successful assassination of Tz Head of state.
    I hope I am not asking for illegalities. Thanks in advance.

    Posted by Elijah | July 11, 2017, 12:22 am

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